Demolition of glass furnaces and recycling of materials
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Ground works

Our company handles all the basic machinery needed for carrying out the ground and digging works according to our customer’s wish.

Zemní práce SEBOREF - stroje


  • Shear belt mini-excavator115, Kubota KX-41, Hitachi ZX 19 U8 - a choice of the width of the shovel, possibility of installing a chipping hammer

Bagříky Bagrik


  • Shear wheeled loader (UNC): Locust 750, 752, 753, Mustang 2076 - possibility of installing a chipping hammer
  • Shear miniloader MUSTANG 2012 - the width of a shovel, or more precisely the whole machine 90cm (very suitable for areas difficult to reach.)


Locust 753 UNC


  • Telescopic Loader Bobcat T 3071 - the content of the loading shovel 1,5 m³ and the ability to reach up to 7 metres



  • Fork-lifts (Linde, Desta) - with load bearing capacity up to 3,5 t and the elevation to the height to 4655 mm

Linde VZV


  • Container transport - capacity of 1 container up to 20 m³