Demolition of glass furnaces and recycling of materials
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A company registered in the Commercial Register at County Court in Pilsen, para C, number 16672.

Classification of economical activities – CZ-NACE

  • 38110: Gathering and collecting of waste, except for the hazardous one
  • 231: Producing of glass and glass products
  • 38: Gathering, collecting and disposing of waste, processing of waste for another use
  • 383: Processing of waste for another use
  • 4120: Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
  • 43120: Preparation of building sites
  • 46: Wholesale, except for motor vehicles
  • 49410: Road freight
  • 52: Storing and supplementary activities in transport
  • 77290:Rental and leasing of other products for personal use and especially for the household

1992 - present

The Stanislav Knotek company started its activity on May 15th, 1992 as FO when a Licence deed No. 323/92 was issued in Trade Licensing Office in Cheb for the subject of business 3720 – Business in the field of waste manufacturing. The initial business aim was to recycle the refractory brickwork from the glass ovens and the usage of the recycled waste for building new brickworks. When the company was founded, it had no employees, no property and no customers. In the following years the firm has expanded and has made current 14 permanent work positions. During its existence the company has spread its activities into the countries of EU (Belgium, Germany, Hungary, France, Slovakia). In November 2004 all actvities were taken over by a newly-founded business company SEBOREF Ltd. with the only one business associate, Ing. Stanislav Knotek.


The SEBOREF Ltd company with its business address in Mariánské Lázně and its premises in Dolní Rychnov near Sokolov has been providing the services in the field of glass recycling( unit and sheet), refractory materials and other especially building materials for many years. The main business plan is the constant effort for improving the quality of services provided and broadening the portfolio of the offered activities.

The main specialization of the company are demolition works of glass furnace units and the following recycling of refractory materials, glass waste and steel scraps.

Documents and licences

The SEBOREF Ltd company is a legal person entitled to handling of waste according to the decision of the Regional Office of Karlovy Vary region as reffered to in §14 para. 1 of Waste Management Act. As in § 3 para. 6 of Waste Management Actthe taken over waste can be manufactured and if the legal obligations are fulfilled it ceases to be waste and can be provided as a raw material for another use for another manufacturing companies.

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